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On average, people spend more than six hours a day on email — checking it everywhere, yet email marketers still struggle to make sure their messages are opened and read. Adobe Campaign offers a new approach to ignite email campaigns making them more powerful and crucially more personal. Steering away from the classic batch and blast approach, Adobe Campaign utilizes context to maximize data, content, delivery, and strategy – all while keeping email integrated into the overall cross-channel strategy.

About The Partnership

SaleCycle have an API (Application program interface) integration with Adobe Campaign allowing us to work together to dispatch rich, contextual real-time emails that seamlessly fit into the client’s digital campaigns. This means clients can easily implement and deliver SaleCycle’s EMR and Email my basket solutions within the context of every client’s customer journey. Together we can offer clients the most robust deliverability of SaleCycle campaigns, dispatched on a one to one basis directly from your own domain. This level of integration ensures your campaigns receive the highest trust from all of your recipients.

3 Key Benefits Of The Partnership

By: Taylor Ottaway

3 Key Benefits Of The Partnership

  • Manage and monitor all digital performance data including SaleCycle data on the Adobe Campaign platform.

  • Deliver contextual timely messages within the client's digital campaigns.

  • SaleCycle's API integration with Adobe Campaign enables clients to dispatch rich, contextual real-time emails that fit smoothly within the customer journey.

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