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Selligent has evolved email marketing with advanced capabilities that are easy to use and highly effective and engaging customers in-the-moment. Selligent’s clients confidently put their data to work, sending millions of personalized messages in minutes, across channels, and optimized in real-time.

About The Partnership

SaleCycle’s partnership with Selligent provides the perfect opportunity for mutual clients to dispatch remarketing emails. Our direct integration allows our client’s messaging to be dispatched side by side.

Together we can enhance the user’s experience by influencing not interrupting the customer journey, with highly personalized messages that get results. Users can view all their results in the Selligent platform easy for users to access reports in real-time.

Mutual Clients

3 Key Benefits Of The Partnership

By: Taylor Ottaway

3 Key Benefits Of The Partnership

  • Deliver contextual timely remarketing messages that fit directly within your digital activity.

  • Increased ability to nurture prospects with personalized communications.

  • SaleCycle integrate with Selligent to deliver client's real-time reports & actionable insights within their platform.

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