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Partner Bio

Affiliate Future is an affiliate network that connects advertisers and publishers together through an interface that allows them to interact and work together. The aim for publishers is to help advertisers drive traffic to their site, grow sales and increase ROI. Affiliate future operates on a pay for performance basis, giving advertisers a low-risk environment to grow their online business in a cost effective way.

Affiliate Future understands the importance of connecting clients to the right businesses at the right time, in order to optimize clients programmes to their full potential.

About The Partnership

SaleCycle and Affiliate Future work together to provide clients with a fast and easy way to get up and running with remarketing solutions. Clients who choose to work with SaleCycle via the Affiliate Future network can have the SaleCycle tag deployed on their site through the Affiliate Future network which is a super easy process without the need for any developer knowledge needed. As a publisher, we can offer Affiliate Future advertisers the opportunity to drive more sales and more conversions with the addition of our remarketing solutions.

All attributions and sales validations can be tracked through the Affiliate Future network making it easier for marketers to track and understand where and how their customers are being influenced. By using Affiliate Future’s visual reporting platform, both advertisers and publishers are able to view all top line information on one screen, making for a transparent network that both can use to constantly adapt and optimize marketing campaigns.

3 Key Benefits Of The Partnership

By: Taylor Ottaway

3 Key Benefits Of The Partnership

  • All performance data is accessible in Affiliate Future network including SaleCycle.

  • Automated attribution model already in place with Affiliate Future.

  • Quick and easy to deploy SaleCycle tag through the Affiliate Future network.

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