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Commanders Act

Partner Bio

Commanders Act is a marketing-driven European leader in Tag Management and in Data Management. Commanders Act’s real-time platform enables marketers to handle all their e-marketing tags from over 800 pre-configured solutions. Commanders Act stays one step ahead of your needs by natively integrating cross-device identification with a person-focused design, all while complying with privacy laws.

About the Partnership

Commanders Act makes it possible to align CRM with eCommerce whilst ensuring their client’s site load time is as fast as possible. As we integrate with Commanders Act, SaleCycle is able to capture more relevant data in real-time and remarket to all of the relevant customers from the get-go. This helps us to add context to every interaction within the customer journey optimizing campaigns to their full potential.

3 Key Benefits Of The Partnership

By: Nicholas Weschenfelder

3 Key Benefits Of The Partnership

  • Bring data from all sources together to optimize marketing operations.

  • Quickly and easily deploy SaleCycle’s javascript.

  • Minimize the impact of tags on load time.

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