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Partner Bio

Emarsys take pride in being the best data science platform for one-to-one personalization that maximizes customer value. The Emarsys solution offers predictive intelligence, personalization, and omnichannel automation all in one platform named The B2C Marketing Cloud.

Emarsys are able to provide clients with these solutions through analyzing and segmenting customer records to deliver insights based on your customer’s behavior. This empowers client’s marketing campaigns to really engage customers across all sources and devices in real-time with relevant content, reaching customers where they are most likely to respond.

With Emarsys technologies marketers can market across all channels including Email and SMS, to strengthen the experience between their clients and their customers resulting in increased conversions and customer retention.

About The Partnership

SaleCycle, like Emarsys, understands that first-time visitors rarely convert. However, when visitors do convert, ensuring that you have the right tools in place to increase overall lifetime value is really important.

Emarsys’ latest technology offers the world’s leading brands predictive intelligence, personalization, and omnichannel automation to ensure that they reach their customers wherever they are in the lifecycle. In doing so, they are able to turn first-time buyers into loyal long-term customers who just keep coming back.

SaleCycle, on the other hand, provides the tools necessary to maximize what clients get from their existing traffic. From the moment someone lands on your site for the first time, SaleCycle monitor every single touch-point online to help inspire, shape and support the conversions that exist within every customer journey. In turn, a partnership between SaleCycle and Emarsys is perfectly complementary.

Together our clients achieve unmatched levels of conversions, retention, and most importantly ROI.

3 Key Benefits Of The Partnership

By: Nicholas Weschenfelder

3 Key Benefits Of The Partnership

  • Continual quality insight into optimal strategies and solutions.

  • Maximize overall acquisitions whilst also retaining those hard earned first time buyers.

  • Provide full support to client's throughout their customer journey ensuring no touchpoint is missed.

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