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Navitaire provides airlines with a view of exactly what their customers are doing. That means airlines can provide a bespoke experience to any customer at any touch point. For example, you can; tailor unique services, launch targeted offers, apply credits directly to a customer’s account and add innovative services like mobile passenger booking.

Just the capabilities you need to truly differentiate your airline.

About The Partnership

In an increasingly data-driven world, SaleCycle and Navitaire have found the perfect way to use your data to improve your customer journey.

Using Navitaire’s data, SaleCycle is able to display targeted messages to each traveler that comes to your site. For example using SaleCycle you will be able to highlight popular routes, loyalty programs, and upgrade opportunities to create a personalized customer journey. SaleCycle’s integration with Navitaire also means your booking abandonment emails can recognize real-time price changes to deliver the most accurate information to customers planning a trip.

Not only will our partnership with Navitaire improve customer journeys, it will also help increase bookings, drive recoveries and boost average order value.

Navitaire’s price alert tool is a perfect fit for abandonment campaigns. Highlighting how prices for tickets change drives users back to the client’s site faster. Together with segmented messaging, we can alert the user if the price is going up or coming down. We are thrilled to offer this to our customers and believe it will only serve to improve SaleCycle’s already impressive results for our
Michael Havey, Strategic Partnerships Manager, SaleCycle

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3 Key Benefits Of The Partnership

By: Taylor Ottaway

3 Key Benefits Of The Partnership

  • Real time pricing in triggered emails

  • Focus on loyalty programs in your customer journey

  • Data-driven segmented marketing to recover sales

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